Rene is an Associate Professor at the Circuits and Systems group of the Delft University of Technology’s faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science. He heads the section on VLSI design, and is responsible for forward-looking research on neuromorphic computing hardware, high-level digital system design, high-performance compute engines, and system-design optimizations. Rene’s group focuses on the design of complex, heterogeneous computing hardware, and detailed simulation and modelling frameworks to aid in their development. His group consistently produces engineers that are highly sought after by the industry.

Rene has been actively involved in the inception, creation, and execution of several high-impact research and development projects under the JESSI, MEDEA, ENIAC/CATRENE, and ARTEMIS banners, and recently, also ECSEL and PENTA. He serves as a reviewer for EU-funded projects, as well as on the Technical Program Committee of several top-tier IEEE conferences on system design, optimization, and test. He has over 90 publications in refereed journals and conference proceedings, several of which received best paper awards over the years.

Rene holds an MSc. and a PhD in Electrical Engineering, from the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.

Rene is a co-founder of Innatera, and serves as its Chief Advisor.