Neuromorphic Architect

Innatera’s Architecture team delivers the neuromorphic architectures and methodologies which are central to the technology in our processors. The team is looking for a Neuromorphic architect that can lead the exploration and development of new neuromorphic concepts and architectures for processing at the edge. The ideal candidate has a strong record of research / development / engineering in the neuromorphic domain, and a solid foundation in the AI/ML space.

Positions are available both at Delft, and in Bangalore.

In this role, you will be responsible for

  • Leading pathfinding activities and architecture exploration for neuromorphic components, and the design/development of new neuromorphic concepts
  • Exploration of spiking neural networks in different application domains together with embedded software engineers
  • Provide Innatera’s architecture, hardware and software engineering teams with a concrete neuromorphic basis for their developments
  • Work together with analog-mixed signal and digital design engineers, application engineers, to identify requirements for future products, and developing new architectures to target challenging use-cases for Innatera’s products
  • Analyzing and profiling AI/ML algorithms
  • Performance analysis and benchmarking of neuromorphic concepts
  • Contributing to the creation of IP (patents, knowhow) at Innatera

The ideal candidate for this position

  • Has a PhD or MSc, with several years of relevant experience in the neuromorphic computing field
  • Has a track record of architecting/designing/exploring neuromorphic architectures – especially spiking neural networks – in an industrial or research environment
  • Has demonstrable record of experience – one or more tape-outs of neuromorphic architectures, and/or publications in top-tier conferences/journals, and/or hardware/software prototypes of developed architectures
  • Has strong expertise in neuromorphic computing – algorithms, training methodologies, neuron and synapse architectures, plasticity mechanisms, hardware implementations, practicalities of operation, common pitfalls, state of the art,…
  • Experience with AI/ML algorithms, experience in building and deploying deep neural networks with standard frameworks (eg. Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch,…) are highly appreciated
  • Is a problem solver, has a goal-oriented attitude, and is highly-motivated
  • Is a self-starter, and is passionate about technology

Preferred skills for this position

  • C/C++/SystemC
  • MATLAB, Python
  • TensorFlow/Keras/PyTorch or an alternative framework (appreciated)


Delft, The Netherlands and Bangalore, India.

Note: multiple positions are available


To apply for this position, email your CV to with “Neuromorphic Architect” as the subject.