The brain relies on a powerful computing paradigm known as the spiking neural network (SNN), to realize its cognitive functions. SNNs encode sensory information as simple, precisely-timed voltage spikes, and realize advanced cognitive functions by leveraging the fine-grained temporal relationships between sequences of spikes. This principle underpins the brain’s ability to process sensory data robustly, even when this data is noisy and incomplete.

Innatera’s ultra-efficient neuromorphic processors mimic the brain’s mechanisms for processing sensory data. Blending advanced analog-mixed signal circuits and energy-efficient computing architectures, Innatera’s spiking neural network hardware delivers ground-breaking cognition performance within a narrow power envelope. Through a multi-pronged approach centered around a novel architecture, Innatera’s technology delivers an unprecedented combination of ultra-low power consumption and short response latency, enabling high-performance always-on processing capabilities even in extremely power constrained environments. 

Innatera’s solutions are set to redefine how cognition is realized in sensor-based devices.